Universität Wien

MA Globalgeschichte & Global Studies

070050 KU [en] Practice of Scientific Communication - Interdisciplinarity: Models and Practices of Communictation in in Global History.
070086 UE [fr] Foreign Languages in Historical Science 2 - Traite négrière atlantique, colonialisme: moments de la mondialisation en Afrique
070324 UE [es] Foreign Languages in Historical Science 1 - Themes in the history of the British Empire
070330 UE [en] Foreign Languages in Historical Science 1 - The English-Speaking North-Atlantic World, 17th to 21st Centuries
070341 UE [en] Foreign Languages in Historical Science 2 - The War of 1812
070502 UE [en] Foreign Languages in Historical Science 1 - Themes in the history of the British Empire
070074 KU [en] Working Skills in Global History - Global Labour History
140227 KU KS 2 Introduction to Development Sociology - Social Movements and Social Change
140250 KU KS 2 Introduction to Development Sociology - Soziologische Perspektiven auf die Wirtschaft
140260 KU KP2 - K V Political Aspects of Development - State - Development - Environment
140274 KU KS 2 Introduction to Development Sociology - Soziologische Grundbegriffe der Entwicklungsforschung
140326 KU Political Aspects of Development - From Athens to Dar es Salaam: History of Political Ideas Concerning State and Development
070053 KU [en] Theories, Sources and Methods of Another Area of Specialisation in Global Studies - Hybridity and Colonialism in Global History
140006 VO+UE Islam Online
140042 UE Media Islam
140061 KU Producing Knowledge about Africa? - Historical Source Criticism and the Analysis of European Travel Writing in the 19th and Early 20th Century
140238 KU KP2 - K V Political Aspects of Development - Theories of Democracy
140255 KU KS 2 Introduction to Development Sociology - Theories of Globalization
140354 UE [en] PR1 - P I - PFA Introduction to Development Planning - Participatory Project Planning - Methods and Tools
070277 SE [de en] Seminar - The Political Culture of the United States of America
070309 VO [en] Rise and Descent of the British Empire - British global power from 1500
070357 SE Advanced Module 1: Issues, Problems and Methods of Economic and Social History - Kulturtransfers und Akkulturationsprobleme im Zusammenhang mit der sog. (Proto-)Globalisierung (1250 bis etwa 1620)
070359 SE Seminar Specialisation 2 - Akkulturationsprobleme im Zusammenhang mit sog. Globalisierungsbewegungen - Europäische Expansion und Biodiversität
070360 VO Lecture Specialisaton 2 - Europäische Expansion und Biodiversität - das Ende der Wildnis
210094 VO M5 a: European Union and Europeanisation - Erfolge, Grenzen, Möglichkeiten (Diss)
030708 SE Indigenous Legal Studies: Status and Rights of Native Americans - for diploma and doctoral students
070349 SE Seminar Specialisation 2 - Following Threads: Austria and the Ottoman Empire
070365 SE Seminar Specialisation 2 - How were Austria´s relations to Africa represented in Arts, Literature and media (18th to 20th centuries)
070370 SE Seminar Specialisation 2 - Zwangsaussiedlungen im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert
070375 SE [en] Seminar Specialisation 2 - The Great Divergence
140072 VO Thinking Africa? - Concepts and Representations of Africa in Discourses on Development, Human Rights a
140127 SE Islamic Law
140273 VO TEF A - PS I Transdisciplinary Development Research - An International Political Economy Approach (TEF1 + TEF2)
140308 SE History of Ideas in Islam - (Seminar on Classical Islam)
140333 SE SE IE - VM2 - VM3 Corporate Social Responsibility - Social Responsibility and Indigenous Rights
140340 SE [de en] SE IE - VM5 - VM6 From Colonialism and Nationalism to Regional Cooperation: East Asia since 1850 - Von Kolonialismus und Nationalismus zu regionaler Zusammenarbeit: Ostasien seit 1850
040766 UK [en] Business History
040791 SE [en] Philosophy-Politics-Economics - Critical Rationalism and Economics
070343 KU [en] Global Studies - Connecting Vienna
070345 EX [en] Excursion - Connecting Vienna
070393 EX Excursion - Travel and Pilgrimage in Late Medieval Venice
150113 UE Trade and Goods in 19th century China - aus den Sammlungen Ostasiens mit Schwerpunkt China des Museums für Völkerkunde
270173 VO Medicinal Radiochemistry I - Medicinal Radiochemistry I
070312 FS [en] Research Seminar Global History - Akbar the Great. A Mughal Emperor and his Time
070354 FS [en] Research Seminar: Insular Studies - ACHTUNG: die Hälfte der Plätze im FS ist für Studierende der Internationalen Entwicklung reserviert!
123222 SE [en] Literature Seminar / BA Paper / MA British/Irish/New English - Constructing Female Identities in Different Times and Places
123227 SE [en] Literary & Cultural Studies Seminar / BA-Seminar/BA-Arbeit / MA-Seminar - Recollecting Hunger: Memories of the Irish Famine (1845-48) in Irish Fiction of the 20th and 21st Centuries.
070039 SE Master Seminar
070044 SE Master Seminar - Medizin des Mittelalters und der Frühen Neuzeit
070085 SE Master Seminar
070088 SE Master Seminar
070092 SE Master Seminar
070105 SE Master Seminar
070116 SE Master Seminar
070262 SE Master Seminar
070276 SE Master Seminar
070278 SE Master and Doctoral Students Seminar - Historical Science Studies
070281 SE Master Seminar
070284 SE Master Seminar
070285 SE Master Seminar
070292 SE Master Seminar
070297 SE Master Seminar
070302 SE Master Seminar
070303 SE Master Seminar
070316 SE Master Seminar
070317 SE Master Seminar
070334 SE Master Seminar
070335 SE Master Seminar
070337 SE Master Seminar
070338 SE Master Seminar
070347 SE Master Seminar
070348 SE [en] Master Seminar - Graduate College I
070351 MA Master Seminar
070352 MA Master Seminar
070364 SE Master Seminar
070386 SE Master Seminar
070390 SE Master Seminar - Colloquium in East European History
070411 SE Master Seminar

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