Universit├Ąt Wien

Master Religious Education (Emphasis: Orthodox Religious Education) (796[4] - Version 2017)

MA RP01 Denominational and Interreligious Cooperation (5 ECTS)

060021 VO Storytelling

MA RP02 Designing Learning - Considering Inclusion (9 ECTS)

490004 VO ( REMOTE ) VO Teaching and Learning Design

MA RP03 School Practice (7 ECTS)

MA RP04orth Biblical Studies and Patrology (14 ECTS)

MA RP05orth Systematic Theology (14 ECTS)

010055 SE Fundamental theological questions from an Orthodox perspective - Russian philosophy of religion as an alternative program of Orthodox thought (19th-20th century)

MA RP06orth Church History and History of Theology (7 ECTS)

MA RP07orth Practical Theology (12 ECTS)

MA RP08orth School Practice and Subject-Specific Didactics (11 ECTS)

MA RP09orth Ecumenical Studies and Advanced Course in Subject-Specifc Didactics (16 ECTS)

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