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M5.EWJ-2 Extended Specialisation in Ethics, Welfare, and Justice (13 ECTS)

To complete an Extended Specialisation, you can either combine two courses in Economics (8 ECTS total) with one course in philosophy (4 ECTS total) or two courses in philosophy (10 ECTS total) with one in Economics (4 ECTS total).
You should decide upront if you plan to complete a regular or extended specialisation and register for courses accordingly. As soon as a regular specialisation is completed, you can no longer do the extended version. Therefore, we recommend you register for the extended version, if you are not yet sure which of the two you wish to complete.

040040 UK [en] (DIGITAL) Social Choice (MA)
040244 UK [en] (GEMISCHT) Intermediate Public Economics (MA) - Track in Policy Evaluation
040250 SE [en] (GEMISCHT) Religion and Economic Behavior (MA) - Track in Behavioral Economics and Experiments
180054 VO (DIGITAL) Politische Ethik

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