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053049 SE Master Seminar (2021W)

Continuous assessment of course work


Note: The time of your registration within the registration period has no effect on the allocation of places (no first come, first served).



Aims, contents and method of the course

The goal is to write a survey paper. Instead of a survey paper, you or your supervisor can suggest a different scientific format for your paper which is equivalent in terms of workload. Any alternative to a survey paper needs to be consulted with your supervisor. This paper will be submitted for peer-review. The received reviews should be incorporated and the final version presented in a conference style setting at the end of the semester. Survey papers of other participants of this course should be reviewed. The topic of the survey paper should optimally be the topic of your masters thesis or a related topic. This can be clarified with your respective supervisor.

Assessment and permitted materials

* 70% of the grade: quality of the survey paper (or the paper with an alternative scientific format)
* 10% of the grade: quality of the reviews
* 20% of the grade: quality of the presentation
In order to pass the course you need to achieve at least half of the points for the paper, the reviews, and the presentation, each.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Prerequisites for participation:
Mandatory prerequisites Computer Science / Mediainformatics: Practicum 1 + Advanced Software Engineering
Mandatory prerequisites Businessinformatics: Management, Advanced Software Engineering, Metamodelling, Interoperability, Business Process Management

Recommended prerequisites Computer Science: 18 ECTS in one of the relevant clusters.
Recommended prerequisites Mediainformatics: 18 ECTS in Computer graphics or Multimedia.

Space allocation is based on these prerequisites.

The grading scale for the course will be:
1: at least 87.5%
2: at least 75.0%
3: at least 62.5%
4: at least 50.0%

Examination topics

Independent processing of the project tasks (project-oriented approach).

Reading list

Literature and further details are announced by the supervisor in the course.

Association in the course directory

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