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Mag. Dr. Andrea Zorka Kinda

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480009 UE Applied didactics - Competence-oriented examination tasks
480016 KO Colloquium on Cultural Science - The Burgenland Croats (1921-2021): 100 years with Austria
480024 UE Applied didactics - The use of authentic texts in the classroom
480044 UE Applied didactics - Linguistic and ethnic heterogeneity as a challenge in B / C / S lessons in Austrian schools
480160 UE Applied didactics - Contemporary literature in B / C / S classes
480164 UE Applied didactics - Burgenland Croatian between norm and dialect: Current linguistic tendencies
480009 UE Didactics Applied - Burgenland Croatian: structural course
480080 UE Literary didactics - Methodical approach to poetry, drama and prose in the classroom

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