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ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Georg Holzer

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Teaching (iCal)

480091 VO Lecture on Linguistics - Literature and oral transmission of texts and forms of expression in the early medieval Slavs
480109 VO Historical-Philological Lecture - Protoslavic I
480130 SE Seminar on Linguistics: Slavic Linguistics - History and etymology of the Slavic languages
480087 SE Seminar on Linguistics - History of Slavic Languages
480091 VO Historical and Comparative Linguistics - Protoslavic grammar
480050 SE B.A. Seminar on South Slavic Linguistics - Etymology and word formation
480091 VO Lecture on Linguisitics - The rise of Slavic from a historical-comparative
480109 VO Historical-Philological Lecture - Medieval Slavic documents from the viewpoint of language history and history of culture

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