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Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Michael Jursa

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Discipline: Ancient Near Eastern Philology and Near Eastern Archaeology


Teaching (iCal)

141136 VO Introduction to Sumerian - To be completed together with UE 141048
420012 SE EurAsian Transformations Doctoral Seminar - New Perspectives in the Philological, Historical and Cultural Studies of EuraAsia: Basic Methods and Interdisciplinary Approaches
141032 SE Akkadian Seminar - Philologisches Seminar Akkadistisches Seminar
141111 PS Babylonian III and methodology - Old Babylonian Letters
141125 SE Mesopotamian Magic in the Bronze Age - Philological Seminar: Sumerian
141192 VO History of Mesopotamian Literature - Mesopotamian Cultural History

Teaching prior to 2023S...

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