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Dr. Bisserka Dakova

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480096 KO Colloquium on Bulgarian Literature - The archeaeology of the author. Creation and substitution of his own work (based on striking examples in Bulgarian literature)
480106 KO Colloquium on Regional and Cultural Studies: Bulgarian - The Bulgarians and the Others (A Chronology of Identity and Alterity)
480126 SE BA Seminar on Literature: - Atanas Dalchev and Objectivity in Bulgarian Poetry
480049 SE B.A. Seminar on Literature: Bulgarian, Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian - Distinctive Trends in Contemporary Novel Narrative in the South Slavic Literatures: Teodora Dimova, Georgi Gospodinov, Saša Stanišic, Barbi Markovic
480096 SE Seminar on Literature and Culture - Symbolism and Post-Symbolism in Bulgarian Literature: Points of Contact and Radical Restrictions

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