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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sylvia Mieszkowski, MA

Portrait Sylvia Mieszkowski
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Office Hours: Office hours (from 7th March - 28th June 2024)

* Mon 2-3pm
* Ths 2-3pm
* Fr 12am-1pm

If you cannot make any of these, zoom meetings are possible.

In any case, please make an individual appointment via sylvia.mieszkowski@univie.ac.at (cc ulrike.zillinger@univie.ac.at).



Teaching (iCal)

123220 SE Literary Seminar / BA Paper / MA British/Irish/New English - The Comedies of Aphra Behn
123251 AR Literature Course - 1/2 (MA) British/Irish/New English & Cultural Studies - (Literary) Activism: The Refugee Tales Project
124200 SE PhD Seminar Literary & Culture and Media Studies - Queer/Feminist Theories and Politics of In_Visibility
124269 AR Cultural/Media Studies 1/2 (AR) - Scandal! Dis_Empowering Visibilities of the Scandalous
123041 PS PS Literary Studies - Shakespeare's _The Tempest_, its adaptations & spin-offs
123210 VO Literatures in English - Victorian Culture and neo-Victorian literature
120013 SE MEd 05: SE Thesis Seminar - Literature / Cultural Studies
124081 VK BEd 08a.3: VK Literature and Language Education - Icons of Oppression

Teaching prior to 2023S...

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