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2. Required Modules

180012 LPS Plato Politeia 504a - 535 a - The three similes and their interpretation
180013 LPS Walter Benjamin - The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
180014 LPS Philosophy of German Romanticism - Zerstörung der Vernunft oder Erneuerung?
180017 LPS Kant - Critique of Judgment - Kritik der ästhetischen Urteilskraft
180149 VO-L Introduction into theoretical philosophy - Einführung EC und PP
180173 VO-L Introduction into theoretical philosophy - Einführung EC und PP
180018 VO-GKL Basic Logic
180086 UE-GKL Exercise in Logic
180024 VO-L Kant and German Idealism - Einbildungskraft und Urteilskraft.
180009 VO-L The flesh of immanence - Spinoza. Nietzsche. Deleuze
180026 SE Philosophical Anthropology and Ontology - General science of man in the field of theoretical philosophy
180028 SE G.W.F. Hegel, Phenomenology of Mind - The Self-Consciousness
180030 VO-L The will to semblance - On truth and lies
180096 PS Close Reading Logic and Metaphysics - Leibniz' Logik und deren Rezeption im 19. und 20. Jhd. (Erdmann, Trendelenburg, Russell, Frege)
180098 PS Speaking about the Unspeakable? - The negative theology of Ps.-Dionysius, Iohannes Scottus, and Nicolaus Cusanus
180102 VO-L Philosophy of Labor and work - Wie bestimmt die gesellschaftliche Beschaffenheit von Tätigkeit und Produktion das Denken und wie das Denken über Arbeit die Vorstellung von Gesellschaft?
180040 VO-L Plato´s "Politeia" - An introduction to Political Philosophy
180107 SE [en] Computer Ethics
180139 VO justice - Ausgewählte Texte von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart
180156 VO-L Emmanuel Levinas - Ethik als erste Philosophie
180164 PS Ethics and Psychoanalysis - Psychoanalytic investigations into ethics
180043 SE [de en] Podcasts, philosophically
180044 SE Transhumanism and the Question of Human Nature - Philosophical Reflections on Biotechnologies and Human Enhancement
180108 SE Forms of Psychical Technologization - Affective Modulation, Psychotechnology, Philosophy
180109 SE Radical Franch Philospohy: La Mettrie - Affective Modulation, Psychotechnology, Philosophy
180046 VO-L 'Europe' and the Philosophy - Öffnungen und Begrenzungen
180110 SE Kwasi Wiredu: Conceptual Decolonisation - Reading of Texts of Valentin Y. Mudimbe, Kwasi Wiredu, Oyeronke Oyewumi
180111 SE Philosophy in Latin America 3 (Argentinien,Chile,Paraguay) - Identity,Comparison,Interaction between Latin American and European
180147 VO-L The system of philosophy - An Inter-Action of the Philosophy East and West
180148 SE Seminar of Comparative Philosophy - Toward the System of the Philosophy East and West

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