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1.09 Auslaufend: Individuelles Diplomstudium Religionswissenschaft

1. Introduction to Science of Religion

1.1. Introduction to History of Religion

1.2. Introduction to Comparative Systematic Science of Religion

1.3. Proseminar: Basics of Science of Religion

1.4. Study of Written Sources

010004 VO Early Christian Literature - Patrology I

1.5. Reading Theological Texts

1.6. Methodology, 2nd Stage of the Degree Programme

020005 SE Gender and Violence - Gender-sensible Betrachtungen zur Sprache der Gewalt und Gewalt der Sprache in (biblischen) Texten
020012 SE "Masada shall not fall again!" - Archaelogy in the Holy Land between science, politics, and religion

2. History of Religion

2.1. Contemporary Religions

020004 VO Introduction to Islam - Religiöse Pflichten und Glaubensgrundlagen des Islam

2.2. Special Courses in History of Religion

010004 VO Early Christian Literature - Patrology I
010013 VO Church History - Part I - The Origins of the Church and its Growth in Antiquity
010063 BA The Crusades - a Christian Djihad? - Controversial Issues in Church History II
020003 VO [ en ] History of Islam in Europe 1: Al-Andalus - Splendour and Fragility of the Encounter of Muslims, Jews and Christians in Medieval Spain
020050 VO Middle Ages
140006 VO+UE Islam Online
140015 SE Islam in Europe
140042 UE Media Islam
140127 SE Islamic Law
140246 PS [ en ] Death in Tibetan Buddhism
140308 SE History of Ideas in Islam - (Seminar on Classical Islam)

2.3. Historical Religions

010141 VO "The Land and Its People" - Introduction into the Historical Topography of Syro-Palestine in Old Testament Times

3. Comparative Systematic Science of Religion

4. Sub- and Bridge Disciplines

4.1. Missiology and Theology of Religion

4.2. Political Dimensions of Religions

210114 SE M5 a: European Union and Europeanisation - Politics of religion in the European Union

4.3. Didactics of Religions

010017 VU Theory of religious education - General subject didactics

4.4. Aesthetics of Religions

140006 VO+UE Islam Online
140042 UE Media Islam

4.5. Anthropology of Religion

4.6. Philosophy of Religion

010026 VO Intercultural Philosophy - Intercultural Philosophy. Latin American Philosophy in the context of a global discourse on Modernity
010044 BA On the margin of the knowable - Erkenntnis, Geist und Rationalität bei Nikolaus Cusanus
180054 SE God as a sphere, lion, Creator, God - Eine Einführung in die Religionsphilosophie
300084 SE Current topics in philosophy, theology and biology - Interdisciplinary discussions of current topics in Philosophy, Theology and Biology

4.7. Psychology of Religion

4.8. Law of Religions

030021 SE European Law - what is your take on religion? - für diploma and doctoral students
030112 SE Law of the Christian East - Law-Religion-Politics (for diploma and doctoral students)
030263 KU From the protection of persecuted co-religionist to the protection of universal human rights - Theory and practice of humanitarian intervention in historcial perspective
030425 SE Seminar on Legal Philosophy and Religious Law: Human Rights - Woman´s Rights - "Violence against Woman" (for undergraduate and graduate students)
140127 SE Islamic Law

4.9. Sociology of Religion

5. Practical Training, Excursions

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