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30.02. Teacher Training Programme: Biology and Environmental Studies (LA-BU)

(neu, kombinationspflichtig)

300001 VO STEOP:B-BIO 1 Introductory Lecture in Biology I - Anthropology, ecology, palaeobiology, plant sciences and zoology
300502 UE Plant Anatomy - (parallel courses)
300529 SE+UE Theory and practical training in biology didactics - Theory and practical training in biology didactics
300531 VO Introduction to Genetics and Cell Biology - Introduction to Genetics and Cell Biology
300534 SE+UE Media Support for Teaching Biology in High Schools - (Parallel course 1)
300301 UE Central European habitat types - in mehreren Parallelen
300497 VO Intro. lect. on horticultural plant physiol. (LA) - Introductory lectures on the basics of the eco-physiological-horticultural training course (LA-BU)
300498 UE+EX Eco-physiol.-horticultural training course (LA) - Eco-physiological-horticultural training course (LA), applied ecology (can be selected only together with theoretical introduction 300497).
300536 UE Genetics and Molecular Biology - Genetics and Molecular Biology, A Lecture and Practical for Teachers
300032 SE Research in biology didactics 1 - Presentation and Discussion of researchfields and recent research projects
300496 EX Interdisciplinary Excursions - Interdisciplinary Excursions
300020 VO Basic entomology - Introduction to the systematics, morphology and anatomy of insects.
300129 VO Bio- and chemodiversity of economic plants - secondary metabolites
300295 UE Field course "Aquatic habitats" - advanced level
300356 UE Entomological Laboratory - Entomological and taxonomic studies on selected insects
300482 VO The world of mites - morphology, biology, ecology, phylogeny, medical and commercial relevance
300499 VO Voices of Austrian birds - Introduction to the songs and calls of Austrian birds
300540 SE+UE [en] Biotic Interactions and Co-Evolution - theoretical and practical aspects
300657 VO Freshwater invertebrates - Biology and systematics of freshwater invertebrates

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