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A [1]. Bachelor Degree Programme in Comparative Literature

130069 PS Literary Cross Currents (PS): Reception history of 'Don Quijote' - insbesondere in der deutschen Romantik
130079 VO Literary Cross-Currents (VO): Literary translation after the cultural turn - Neue theoretische Ansätze und Beispielanalysen
130108 PS Social History of Literature (PS): Texts als social facts - Sozialgeschichtliche Interpretationen
130110 PS Social History of Literature (PS): Literary cooperation - - gender relations from the 18th to the 20th century
130130 PS Social History of Literature (PS): The field of translation - The literary translation and publishing in the 20th century
123210 VO [en] Literatures in English - Jane Austen in Her Time
123211 VO [en] Literatures in English - Utopia and Dystopia in North America
124000 VO [en] STEOP: Introduction to Anglophone Cultures and Societies - Highlights of British Popular Culture
124011 TR [en] Introduction to Cultural Theories - Tutorial
124071 VO [en] Culture, Society and the Media - Indian Country (USA)
125260 VO [en] Cultural Studies - MA M01 - The Many Faces of Biography
110128 UE [pt] Portuguese 1
110129 UE [pt] Portuguese 2
130080 SE Bachelor Thesis
130083 SE Bachelor Thesis
110093 VO [fr] Literary Lecture French - -
110150 VO [it] Literary Lecture Italian - -
130078 VO [en] Theories of Emotion

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