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B10 VM History of European Music after 1600

160050 SE Goethe settings
160065 SE "Breeches Role": Gender-Swapping Roles as a Central Plot Device in Opera, Theater, and Film - Rollentausch der Geschlechter als zentrales Handlungselement in Oper, Schauspiel und Film.
160075 VO Schmettermessing and Tschingderassabum - Symbolic noise and expensive noise: Comments for interpretation of German military music in past and present
160082 UE Operatic Practices at German Courts in the Age of ‘Viennese Classicism’ - current research methods and perspectives
160090 UE Harmony 2 - Development of harmony in 19th century music
160091 UE Harmony 2 - Introduction to Compositional Techniques and Contrapuntal Forms since the 16th Century
160094 VO Anton Bruckner

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