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PM Specialisation 1: Issues of Contemporary History

070001 SE [en] SE Seminar (PM4) - US Cuban Relations: Before and Beyond the Cold War
070062 SE Seminar (PM4) - Sound History.
070065 SE Seminar (PM 4) - Art and cultural policy in the NS
070070 SE Seminar (PM 4) - History of the University of Vienna in the "long 20th century".
070071 SE Seminar (PM 4) - The GULag. The Soviet Camp System.
070089 SE Seminar (PM4) - Gender Relations - Emancipation - Transformation: 1917 ff.
070113 VO Lecture (PM4) - Kultur- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte der Psychoanalyse
070114 SE Seminar (PM4) - Grundlagentexte der Kultur- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte der Psychoanalyse
070115 KU Methodenkurs - Sexuelle Gewalt in der Geschichte im Lichte neuerer Forschungsansätze
070146 KU KU Methodenkurs - qualitative and quantitative methods used in historical studies
070183 VO Lecture (PM4) - House, household and family in historical and global comparison
070184 SE Seminar (PM4) - Economic growth in the 20th century: Ideas, theories, data
070277 VO [en] Lecture (PM4) - East Central Europe and the Soviet Empire after World War 2
070282 SE Seminar (PM4) - Female and Gender History of the Sowiet Union and the Russian Federation
070291 SE Seminar zu Geschichte (PM 4) -Anerkennung - Haus, Haushalt und Familie im historischen und globalen Vergleich
070295 VO [en] Lecture (PM4) - History of Belarus since the Union of Brest
070297 VO [en] Lecture (PM4) - History of Russia and the Soviet Union since 1861
070404 VO Lecture (PM4) - History of the Crimea from its mythical beginnings to the Russian annexion in 2014

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