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7.03. History, Social Studies and Political Education "Teacher Training Programm"

070122 VO Modern History
070239 VO Modern History
070134 VO [en] Global History
070045 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Geschichte schreiben: Schreibwerkstatt für HistorikerInnen
070052 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Politische Bewegungen 1848 - 1968
070402 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Der Blick des "Westens" auf den "Osten"
070009 GR Guided Reading - Late Medieval and Early Modern Charismatic Religiosity: Discursivity, mediality and social practice
070018 GR [en] Guided Reading - Slavery in the Americas
070023 GR Guided Reading - Constitution, society and economy of Europe in the Middle Ages
070024 GR Guided Reading - Internationalism and international organizations with a particular focus on the League of Nations
070025 GR Guided Reading - Medieval History
070026 GR Guided Reading - Austrian History 1526-1918
070027 GR Guided Reading - Die Wiener Universität 1365-2015: Tradition als Innovation und Ort der Begegnung - Universitätsgeschichte im internationalen Kontext
070028 GR [en] Guided Reading - -- Medieval Survey -- Sources
070037 GR Guided Reading - Cultural History (Early Modern and Modern History)
070038 GR Guided Reading - Early Modern and Modern History
070042 GR Guided Reading - History of Austria 1
070044 GR Guided Reading - Viennese Modernism: Culture Before World War I
070058 GR Guided Reading - The Nazi "Volksgemeinschaft" Social practice and historiographical debate
070091 GR Guided Reading - Österreich ab 1815
070112 GR Guided Reading - Wissen und Macht: Politische Geschichte der Universität Wien seit 1800 im internationalen Vergleich
070124 GR Guided Reading - Authoritarian Regimes in Southeast Europe
070130 GR Guided Reading - Colonialisms, ca. 1600-1914
070131 GR Guided Reading - Social inequality (Thomas Piketty, Das Kapital im 21. Jahrhundert)
070135 GR Guided Reading - Travelling in the late Middle Ages and Modern Times
070137 GR Guided Reading - Sources and Methods of Russian History
070176 GR Guided Reading - Sources, Methods and Literature: From the Golden Horde to the End of the Crimean Khanate
070199 GR Guided Reading - The Habsburg Monarchy an Empire? Themes, Debates and Comparisons of the New Imperial History
070200 GR Guided Reading - Jezebel’s Daughters: Representations of Female Power and Spirituality from Late Antiquity to the High Middle Ages
070201 GR Guided Reading - Europe and the Islamic World, 7th-13th centuries
070202 GR Guided Reading - Chronicle records of Early and High Middle Ages
070229 GR [en] Guided Reading - Cultural History of Eastern and Central Europe in the Modern Period
070231 GR Guided Reading - From the first (1515) to the second Congrress of Vienna (1814/15)
070232 GR Guided Reading - Sin, Misdemeanor, Capital Crime? Adultery and Bigamy in the Early Modern Period.
070260 GR [en] Guided Reading - War and Society in Early Modern Europe
070273 GR Guided Reading - History of the Ancient World
070275 GR Guided Reading - History of the Ancient World
070286 GR Guided Reading - Ukraine: Nationality, Nationalism and Memory
070293 GR Guided Reading - Modern time history of Eastern Europa
070298 GR Guided Reading - China in der Qing-Zeit (1644-1911)
070300 GR Guided Reading - Origin and Early Stages of the European Expansion Overseas
070301 GR Guided Reading - Theories of development and industrialization
070303 GR Guided Reading - From Charlie Chaplin to Homer Simpson. Popular Cultures of the 20th Century.
070153 GK Basic Course Teaching Methodology in History (I) - Kontinuitäten und Brüche. Österr. Zeitgeschichte
070158 GK Basic Course Teaching Methodology in History (I) - Konsumieren in historischer Perspektive
070287 GK Basic Course Teaching Methodology in History (I) - Außerschulische Lernorte
070288 GK Basic Course Teaching Methodology in History (I) - Wirtschaftsgeschichte
070032 KU [en] Reading Historiography - Examples of War and Conquest from the Ancient Greeks to the 1930
070034 KU Reading Historiography - Travelling in Modern Times (15th to 20th centuries)
070051 KU Reading Historiography - Historiography and Public History
070057 KU [en] Reading Historiography
070274 KU Reading Historiography - Modern Histroy 1515-1915
010044 SE Christian and Jewish environments in the Alpine-Danube-Region - From the beginnings till the end of the Roman Empire
070017 PS BA-Proseminar - Proseminar - History of Cartography
070029 PS BA-Proseminar - Middle Ages
070030 PS BA-Proseminar - he 'Revolutionary' Sattelzeit (1789 - 1848/49): Transformations and Persistances in the Gender Relations.
070039 PS BA-Proseminar - Gender and Violence during the 19th century (1789-1918)
070046 PS BA-Proseminar - Der Wiener Kongress 1814-1815
070102 PS BA-Proseminar - 'Citizenship' in North American History: Inclusions and Exclusions
070123 PS Proseminar - History of Southeast Europe
070140 PS Bachelor-Proseminar - Medieval Europe and its Enemies: Slavs, Hungarians, Saracens and Vikings
070205 PS Proseminar - Konsumgeschichte und Geschichte der Konsumkritik
070290 PS Proseminar - Geschichte des Zarenreichs von Peter I. bis zu den Russischen Revolutionen 1917
070292 PS [en] BA-Proseminar - Europe and the Eurovision Song Contest
070299 PS Proseminar - Borderlands and World History 1700-2000
070387 PS Proseminar - Proseminar: History of Ukraine
070305 PS Bachelor-Proseminar - The Transformation of the Roman World und the Birth of Europe: Europe, Byznatium and the Caliphate
070001 SE [en] SE Seminar (PM4) - US Cuban Relations: Before and Beyond the Cold War
070062 SE Seminar (PM4) - Sound History.
070065 SE Seminar (PM 4) - Art and cultural policy in the NS
070089 SE Seminar (PM4) - Gender Relations - Emancipation - Transformation: 1917 ff.
070095 SE Seminar (PM 4) - Europe's 'barbarian' past: migrations and the formation of kingdoms in the Early Middle Ages
070096 SE [en] Seminar (PM4) - Independence Movements and State Formation in the New World, 1776-1826
070184 SE Seminar (PM4) - Economic growth in the 20th century: Ideas, theories, data
070249 SE Seminar zu Geschichte (PM 4) -Anerkennung - European Expansion, Globalisation, Ecology
070250 SE Seminar (PM 4) - Österreichische Afrika-Rezeption in Kunst, Literatur und Wissenschaft 18. bis 20. Jahrhundert
070282 SE Seminar (PM4) - Female and Gender History of the Sowiet Union and the Russian Federation
070289 SE Seminar (PM4) - Noble life in Modern Europe (16th to 19th century
070291 SE Seminar zu Geschichte (PM 4) -Anerkennung - Haus, Haushalt und Familie im historischen und globalen Vergleich
070306 SE Seminar (PM4) - History of the Venetian overseas empire 800-1800
070162 VK Vertiefungskurs Fachdidaktik - Wege in die Abhängigkeit, Wege zum Reichtum. Industrialisierungsprozesse im 20. Jahrhundert
070167 VK Vertiefungskurs Fachdidaktik - Geschichte der Globalisierung
070168 VK Vertiefungskurs Fachdidaktik - 150 Jahre Ringstraße
070069 SE Masterseminar (PM 5) - Historische Wissenschaftsforschung
070144 SE Masterseminar (PM 5) - New Research in Economic and Social History
070109 SE Masterseminar (PM 5) - From the first (1515) to the second Congrress of Vienna (1814/15)
070180 AG Political Education - History and theories of democracy

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