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4. Research

190041 SE Research Practicum - Evaluation of Competence-Based Instruction in Upper Secondary Schools.
190042 SE Research Practicum - School improvement in Lower Austria
190072 SE Research Practicum - Cultures of Memory
190104 SE Research Practicum - The significance of autobiographical narrative research in the transition process
190135 SE Research Practicum - Game Studies
190220 SE Research Practicum - Educational Concepts in support measures for adult people with disabilities
190235 SE Research Practicum - empiric-quantitative research in schools I
190020 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Analysis and Reflection of co-created inclusive spaces with inclusive-qualitative research approaches.
190043 SE BM 24 Bachelor's Paper I - The impact of emotions on the development of language skills in day nurseries II
190046 SE Bachelor's Paper I - The influence of institutional structures for educational relationship
190047 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Analysis of videos of classroom observation
190048 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Analyses of qualitative and quantitative data from the research project Lekomotive.
190051 SE BM 24 Bachelor's Paper I - Studies on educational inequality
190101 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Gestalten der Abschlussarbeit
190250 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Pädagogisches Denken in nietzscheanischer Diagnostik
190276 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Media Education
190004 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Perspectives on social justice and educational transitions
190021 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Disability Studies
190034 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Bildungsphilosophische Strömungen: Gemeinsamkeiten und Differenzen.
190037 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Education, disability and social inequality
190068 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Konstruktion-Exklusion-Inklusion - zu Prozessen der Aus- und Abgrenzung in (post-)modernen Gesellschaften aus bildungswissenschaftlicher Perspektive
190071 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Basic Concepts in Education Studies.
190091 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Evidence-Based Education and the Problem of Educational Effectiveness
190197 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Aktuelle Fragehorizonte theoretischer Erziehungswissenschaft
190258 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Classics of special education
190349 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Normativity in education - a taboo?

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