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A [2]. Bachelor Degree Programme in Comparative Literature

130061 VO (STEOP) STEOP: General Literature
130064 UE (STEOP) STEOP: Literary Research I
130065 UE (STEOP) STEOP: Literary Research I
130067 UE (STEOP) STEOP: Literary Research I
130131 UE (STEOP) STEOP: Literary Research I
130078 PS Literary Cross Currents (PS) - focus on Afro-American literature
130090 VO Social history of literature (VO): Between Literature and Philosophy - Adorno, Benjamin, Camus, Cassirer, Foucault, Heidegger, Nietzsche, Schiller
123020 VO [en] Literature Survey 1
124071 VO [en] Culture, Society and the Media - Transnational Trauma and Cultures: Experience, Representation and Resilience
130076 UE Public Relations: "Not yet published" - Arbeiten an und mit Buch-Novitäten
130080 SE Bachelor Thesis: Methodology of interpretation - Henry James, The Turn of the Screw
130101 SE BA thesis: Interactions between cultures. Translated literature - within the literary polysystem
130115 SE Bachelor Thesis

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