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The University of Vienna’s buildings are open to the public again without restrictions during the applicable opening hours from 1 July 2020 onwards. Teaching at the University of Vienna will take place in the form of remote learning until the end of the semester. It is crucial that you continue to follow the hygiene rules and rules of conduct.

For further information about studies and exam operation in the summer, please go to slw.univie.ac.at/en/studying/.
The upcoming winter semester is already being planned. Students will receive further information in good time by e-mail and continuously under slw.univie.ac.at/en/studying/study-organisation/remote-learning.

MaV 4 Advanced Module Mathematical and Gravitation Physics

260290 VO Special Relativity 2 (Representation Theory of Lorentz- and Poincaré Group) - The realization of relativistic symmetry in classical and quantum particle and field physics

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