Universität Wien

Pflichtmodule Philosophie

180008 LPS John Stuart Mill
180012 LPS Schopenhauer - Fundamental Problems of Ethics
180067 VO History of Philosophy III - For Teachers
180127 VO History of Philosophy I (Antiquity) - für das LA PP
070104 VO Theory of Science and History - Philosophy of Science, Theories of the Historical Sciences
180021 SE Hegel, Science of Logic: The Hegelian Concept - Beginning logic of concept
180093 PS Platon: Timaios
010003 VO Intercultural Philosophy - Cross-cultural Philosophy: decolonization, cultural self-assertion, human rights
180033 SE [en] Theories of Justice
180047 SE Applied Ethics
180076 SE Theorizing the public - Defining a central concept of political philosophy
180087 SE Figurations of the political being - Plato's and Aristotle's 'zoon politikon' in contemporary reception
180102 SE Power - Subject - Sex - Psychoanalysis and Philosophical Gender Studies

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