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UF EN 08b Advanced Cultural Studies and Literature (Alternative Compulsory Module)

Wahl eines Alternativen Pflichtmoduls (UF EN 08a ODER UF EN 08b)

123043 PS [en] Proseminar Literature / Literary Studies - Contemporary US-American Fiction
123044 PS [en] Proseminar Literature / Literary Studies - Columbus No More! Reading Native American Literature in the 21st Century
123045 PS [en] Proseminar Literature / Literary Studies - 'A sylvan fringe of darkness': Forests in the Western Literary Imagination
123046 PS [en] Proseminar Literature / Literary Studies - Literary Strolls: Walking in British and Anglophone Literature
124260 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Lives on Screen. 20th- and 21st-Century Biopics
124261 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Foodstuff, Diets, Table Manners: Food Cultures and Cultural Studies
124262 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Mirror Mirror on the Screen. Approaching Film Studies and Film History through Metacinema
124263 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Epic Fails: Bad Culture, Cult, & Community
124264 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Terror, precarious masculinities & media (mal-)contents in the global mix: Tracing gender politics in (self)representations of extremist groups
124265 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Once Upon a Time Here and Now

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