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MG1.3. Specialisation Module - Social and Economic Geography

290267 VO Economic Geography of China - Regional Economic Development and Regional Disparities
290120 SE Seminar in Human/ Economic Geography: Theories and Conecepts of Development Geography - der Geographischen Entwicklungsforschung (auch für Studierende im Lehramt Diplom- und Masterstudium)
290139 SE Seminar in Human/Economic Geography: Geography of Innovatio - (auch für Diplom- und Masterstrudierende im Lehramt)
140533 SE (SGU) VM2 / VM6 - Dependent Development, Capitalism, and Crises - Processes of Integration and Disintegration in Europe
140060 VO (SGU) Inequality - Questions, History, Cases
140365 VO+UE (NR) VM1 / VM2 - Commodities and Development - Sustainable resource-based development : debates, conflicts, strategies

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