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4.10 Master Degree Programme International Business Administration (A 066 914): Curriculum 2016

040216 VO [en] Macroeconomics (MA)
040019 SE [en] KFK FM: Seminar - Networks and Systemic Risks in the Financial Sector
040259 SE [en] KFK CF/FM: Seminar
040783 PR Venture Capital and Finance - WF Venture Capital and Finance
040082 KU Financial Statement Analysis and Business Evaluation (MA) - Financial Statement Analysis and Business Evaluation
040020 KU [en] Business Strategy (MA)
040894 KU [en] LP Modeling I (MA)
140235 VO+UE Bambara: Grammar 2
140293 VO+UE Hausa: Grammar 2
140311 VO+UE Hausa: Exercises 2
140313 VO+UE Swahili: Grammar 2
040226 SE [en] Political Processes and Governance in the EU - Which role for the European Parliament (MA)
040229 SE [en] Policy in the EU - The EU between market constituion and market correction
070195 SE Seminar (PM4) - History and Indigenous Peoples
140152 VO (NR) Commodities and Development: Current Issues and Historical Context - Aktuelle Auseinandersetzungen im historischen Kontext
140335 SE VM2/VM6 - Degrowth, Circular Economy, Buen Vivir - from "using less resources" to "living well in Pacha Mama"
140365 VO+UE (NR) VM1 / VM2 - Ressources and Development - Sustainable Development on Basis of Ressources: Debates, Conflicts and Strategies
140410 VO+UE [en] (MOB) VM4 / VM6 - Dependencia and Anti-colonialism - Key Texts from Latin America and the Caribbean
210115 SE M4a: VertiefungsSE International Politics and Development - Legal Pluralism and Multinationalism in Latin America between utopia and reality
150075 VO [en ja] Japanese Writing Systems
150076 UE [en ja] Japanese Grammar II
150092 UE [en ja] Business Japanese
040196 UK [en] Money and Banking (MA)
040236 KU Further Topics in Economic Sociology (MA) - Organizations and Gender
040031 SE Conversatorium for Master Candidates - Wirtschaftssoziologie und Soziologie (SPL 4 + SPL 23)
040407 UK [fr] WI-SPR: Basic French 2

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