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Return to Vienna for the summer semester of 2022. We are planning to hold courses mainly on site to enable the personal exchange between you, your teachers and fellow students. We have labelled digital and mixed courses in u:find accordingly.

Due to COVID-19, there might be changes at short notice (e.g. individual classes in a digital format). Obtain information about the current status on u:find and check your e-mails regularly.

Please read the information on https://studieren.univie.ac.at/en/info.

Master International Business Administration (914 [3] - Version 2016)

040216 VO [en] Macroeconomics (MA)
040221 KU [en] Global Strategy (MA)
040109 KU [en] Asset Pricing 1 (MA)
040074 SE [en] Seminar (MA) - MiFiD II and the Structure of European Trading Places
040345 KU [en] Financial Crises (MA)
040569 KU [en] Valuation (MA)
040252 KU Marketing Communication 1 (MA) - (Teil 1)
040020 KU [en] Business Strategy (MA)
040319 VO [en] Economic Psychology - (MA)
140114 VO+UE Bambara: Tutorial 1
140204 VO+UE Swahili: Tutorial 1
140205 VO+UE Swahili: Grammar 1
140209 VO+UE Bambara: Grammar 1
140019 VO The Sudan in the 19th Century: - Hegemonial Intentions, European Colonialism and the "Discovery" of Africa
140146 SK [en] Hausa: Texts 1
070041 VO Lecture (PM4) - Revolution! A history of the upheaval in Central Europe against the backdrop of international tensions, 1914 - 1924
070052 VO Lecture - International Relations and the Rise of Modern Diplomacy - Internationale Beziehungen und die Entstehung der modernen Diplomatie (1500-1815)
070071 VO The History of South Africa - Geschichte Südafrikas
070186 VO [en] Lecture (PM4) - Gender and the Foundation of the Turkish Republic - Gender and the Foundation of the Turkish Republic
070194 VO [en] Lecture (PM4) - Britain in the 20th Century
070230 VO Lecture (PM4) - Die Reformation: Religion und Politik
070237 VO Schwerpunkt-Einführung - Frauen- und Geschlechtergeschichte
070238 LK Reading Course: - Women's and Gender History
070246 VO Lecture (PM4) - Outsiders: Refugees and Integration in European History
070257 VO Introduction into historical and cultural European Studies - Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Europaforschung
070284 VO Lecture (PM4) - Austria in the 16th and 17th century. - Österreich im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert.
070298 LK Lektürekurs
040315 SE [en] Political Processes and Governance in the EU - Which role for the European Parliament (MA)
040316 SE [en] Policy in the EU - The EU between market constituion and market correction
070181 UE [es] Foreign Languages in Historical Science 1 - América en los procesos de la globalización.
110170 SE [es] Regional Studies Seminar (MA) - Spanish - Embarazo, nacimiento, lactancia. Fuentes para una historia cultural del parto
140365 VO+UE (NR) VM1 / VM2 - Ressources and Development - Sustainable Development on Basis of Ressources: Debates, Conflicts and Strategies
140410 VO+UE [en] (MOB) VM5 / VM6 - Beyond development - Debates on development and its alternatives in Latin America
150049 UE [en ja] Japanese communication
150108 UE [en ja] Japanese Grammar I
150004 VO [en] Intercultural negotiation patterns - (WiSe)
150033 SE [en] Strategic Gaming
150038 KSTEOP [en zhde zh] (STEOP) STEOP: Modern Chinese 1a
150039 KSTEOP [en zh] (STEOP) STEOP: Speaking Lab 1a
150047 KSTEOP [en zhzhde zh] (STEOP) STEOP: Speaking Practice 1a
150072 KU [de zh] Modern Chinese 1b
150120 KU [zh] Speaking Lab 1b (M1)
480048 VO (STEOP) Basics of Slavonic Studies
040201 KU Advanced Economic Sociology (MA) - Critical Perspectives
040261 KU [en] Contract Theory (MA)
040314 SE Conversatorium for Master Candidates - Wirtschaftssoziologie und Soziologie (SPL 4 + SPL 23)

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