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6. Palaeobiology

300101 UE Practical training in determination native animals - Morphology, systematics and diversity of Central European animals
300601 UE Diversity and systematics of plants and fungi for ecologists, part 1 - Exercise in three parallel courses
300220 VO Palaeoecology
300025 VO [de en] Fundamentals in Limnology
300036 VO [en] Molecular Evolution
300037 VO [en] Cellbiology
300096 EX Zoological basic excursions - (parallel courses)
300123 VO [en] Gene expression
300322 VO Neurobiology
330019 VO Basics in Human Physiology - für das Lehramtstudium Haushaltsökonomie und Ernährung
300211 PP Palaeobotany Project - Sampling, treatment and presentation

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