Universität Wien

A.2.4. Applications

230020 VO Structure and Development of Mordern Societies - Social Change of the Austrian Society
230022 PR Workshop/Excursion: Penetration into the Ethnic Communities - Function and Dysfunction of Ethnic Communities
230023 PR Workshop/Excursion: Job Orientation for Students - Beispiele für Arbeitsfelder von SoziologInnen
230024 PR Workshop/Study Trips: Career Orientation - Socio-Scientific Research
230025 PR Workshop/Excursion: Jobintegration for Youth People in Vienna - Between job coaching and "N.E.E.T.S" - The experience of unemployment
230063 VO+SE Family Sociology
230203 UK Knowledge and Science Cultures - in universities, laboratories, factories, politics, administration and every day life
230204 UK Environment, Risk, Society - science, technology and nature in the time of the anthropocene
230047 FPR FPR Research Practice 2: Employees' mentality in transition: social perceptions and expectations - Gesellschaftsbilder, Aspirationen und Zukunftserwartungen
230031 FPR FPR Research Practice 1: "Ready or not, here I come" - Life-worlds of young people at the end of lower secondary school
230032 FPR [de en] FPR Research Practice 1: Social policy in comparative perspective - With a focus on educational policy in European comparison
230033 FPR FPR Research Practice 1: Marienthal 2.0 - Analyzing the deconstruction of wage labor in a small industrial community

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