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To enable a smooth and safe start into the semester for all members of the University of Vienna, you can get vaccinated without prior appointment on the Campus of the University of Vienna from Saturday, 18 September, until Monday, 20 September. More information: https://www.univie.ac.at/en/about-us/further-information/coronavirus/.

4. Research

190011 SE Research Practicum - Workplace Learning
190033 SE Research Practicum - Pluralität in elementarpädagogischen Einrichtungen
190051 SE Research Practicum - Transition research on collaborative experiences
190083 SE Research Practicum - Children's transition to out-of-home-care
190085 SE Research Practicum - Zur Bildungssituation von geflüchteten Personen und Angehörigen ethnischer Minderheiten
190135 SE Research Practicum - Game Studies
190012 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Coping with diversity as topic in schools and in non-formal education
190040 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Stereotypical expectations of gender in educational institutions
190042 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Analyses of qualitative and quantitative data from the research project "Fostering oral language comprehension"
190043 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Pedagogy - Political Pawn or Beneficiary of Politics? The role of pedagogy in relation to political system change in 1918/19, 1934, 1938 und 1945.
190044 SE Bachelor's Paper I - UN-Childrens Rights and Childdevelopment in family justice
190061 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Competence-Based Instruction in Upper Secondary Schools
190250 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Nietzsche and Education
190276 SE Bachelor's Paper I - Media Education
190013 SE Bachelor's Paper II - The right man in the right place? - Examination practices in schools since 1900.
190035 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Workplace Learning
190058 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Kinderschutz und Kindeswohlgefährdung als Gegenstand pädagogischer Forschung (unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Psychoanalytischer Pädagogik und Traumapädagogik)
190071 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Having a body and being a body in education
190096 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Bildung and decision-making competencies in education
190114 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Anthropological foundation of pedagogic - what ist the essence of man?
190129 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Kontroversen in der bildungswissenschaftlichen und insbesondere der bildungshistorischen Forschung.
190258 SE Bachelor's Paper II - Classics of special education

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