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Bachelor Degree Programme in Social and Cultural Anthroplogy

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01.02.2017, 00:01 till 27.02.2017, 23:59

For further informations, please, check our webpage: spl-ksa.univie.ac.at

240018 VS Racism in Theory and Practice. On the relevance of Racism Studies in Anthropology (3.2.2) - Zur Relevanz der Rassismusforschung für die Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie
240041 VS Anthropology for the practice (3.2.2) - Students as knowledge mediators in the work for and with Asylseekers and refugees
240023 VS School - University - Education: Anthropology and the Study of Education (3.2.4) - Zur interaktiven Vermittlung kultureller Inhalte

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