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Specialization in Cultural Sciences (40 ECTS)

140114 VO+UE Bambara: Tutorial 1
140204 VO+UE Swahili: Tutorial 1
140205 VO+UE Swahili: Grammar 1
140209 VO+UE Bambara: Grammar 1
140019 VO The Sudan in the 19th Century: - Hegemonial Intentions, European Colonialism and the "Discovery" of Africa
140146 SK [en] Hausa: Texts 1
070041 VO Lecture (PM4) - Revolution! A history of the upheaval in Central Europe against the backdrop of international tensions, 1914 - 1924
070052 VO Lecture - International Relations and the Rise of Modern Diplomacy - Internationale Beziehungen und die Entstehung der modernen Diplomatie (1500-1815)
070071 VO The History of South Africa - Geschichte Südafrikas
070186 VO [en] Lecture (PM4) - Gender and the Foundation of the Turkish Republic - Gender and the Foundation of the Turkish Republic
070194 VO [en] Lecture (PM4) - Britain in the 20th Century
070230 VO Lecture (PM4) - Die Reformation: Religion und Politik
070237 VO Schwerpunkt-Einführung - Frauen- und Geschlechtergeschichte
070238 LK Reading Course: - Women's and Gender History
070246 VO Lecture (PM4) - Outsiders: Refugees and Integration in European History
070257 VO Introduction into historical and cultural European Studies - Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Europaforschung
070284 VO Lecture (PM4) - Austria in the 16th and 17th century. - Österreich im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert.
070298 LK Lektürekurs
040315 SE [en] Political Processes and Governance in the EU - Which role for the European Parliament (MA)
040316 SE [en] Policy in the EU - The EU between market constituion and market correction
070181 UE [es] Foreign Languages in Historical Science 1 - América en los procesos de la globalización.
110170 SE [es] Regional Studies Seminar (MA) - Spanish - Embarazo, nacimiento, lactancia. Fuentes para una historia cultural del parto
140365 VO+UE (NR) VM1 / VM2 - Ressources and Development - Sustainable Development on Basis of Ressources: Debates, Conflicts and Strategies
140410 VO+UE [en] (MOB) VM5 / VM6 - Beyond development - Debates on development and its alternatives in Latin America
150049 UE [en ja] Japanese communication
150108 UE [en ja] Japanese Grammar I
150004 VO [en] Intercultural negotiation patterns - (WiSe)
150033 SE [en] Strategic Gaming
150038 KSTEOP [en zhde zh] (STEOP) STEOP: Modern Chinese 1a
150039 KSTEOP [en zh] (STEOP) STEOP: Speaking Lab 1a
150047 KSTEOP [en zhzhde zh] (STEOP) STEOP: Speaking Practice 1a
150072 KU [de zh] Modern Chinese 1b
150120 KU [zh] Speaking Lab 1b (M1)
480048 VO (STEOP) Basics of Slavonic Studies

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