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UF GSP 03 Aspects and Eras 1 (13 ECTS)

070357 GR Guided Reading - Giving and donating in the modern period
070044 EX Excursion - From manuscript to printed Text
070219 EX Excursion to the Waldviertel - Waldviertel
070232 EX Excursion
070245 EX (PH-NÖ) Exploring the world - space and knowledge in the Late middle ages and the Early modern period - "Gegen das Vergessen" - Spuren der Geschichte in Berlin
070288 EX [en] Excursion - Vienna’s Food Hotspots. A field trip.
070005 GR Guided Reading - Sexual Violence against Children: From Antiquity to the 20th Century
070015 GR Guided Reading | Multilingualism in European history - Mehrsprachigkeit in der europäischen Geschichte
070017 GR Guided Reading - War and Peace. Conflicts and conflict resolution in medieval times.
070018 GR Guided Reading
070023 GR Guided Reading - The downfall of the Danube monarchy. - Explanatory models to preconditions, course and consequences
070043 GR [en] Guided Reading - The historians and the public sphere. The political uses of the past.
070046 GR Guided Reading - Structures of governance in medieval Europe - diversity and development
070048 GR Guided Reading - Chinese Migration and European Expansion - The Overseas Chinese (17th to 20th Centuries)
070051 GR Guided Reading - Knowledge and spaces
070053 GR Guided Reading - The early modern Habsburg monarchy: dynastic agglomeration - composite monarchy - fiscal-military state
070054 GR [en] Guided Reading - A history of medieval Ireland: from the "two Patricks" to the "two nations"
070055 GR Guided Reading - Must We Divide History Into Periods? Deliberating on the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period
070056 GR Guided Reading - Pious Princesses and Mighty Confessors? Religion - Power - Gender in the Early Modern Period
070066 GR Guided Reading - Sklaverei in der römischen Welt: Antike Quellen und moderne Wahrnehmung
070068 GR Guided Reading - Questions, Topics and History of Women´s and Gender History
070069 GR Guided Reading - Sources and Literature about Jewish Economics, Social Life, and Culture in the Middle Ages
070072 GR Guided Reading - Life in the medieval city
070075 GR Guided Reading - Media - Transformations-Revolutions
070090 GR [en] Guided Reading - The Mongol Empire (13th Century)
070127 GR [en] Guided Reading - Medieval Survey - Sources, 200-1500
070145 GR Guided Reading - The Lives of Others: Family and Gender in the Medieval World
070156 GR Guided Reading - Serfdom and Slavery in Russian History
070169 GR Guided Reading - The Modern Time Culture and Scientific History of Eastern and Western Europe
070179 GR Guided Reading - History of violence in East europe
070189 GR [en] Guided Reading - Comparative Perspectives on Gender, Family and Social Class (undergraduate level, 3rd year)
070190 GR Guided Reading - Heroization and cult of personality in Ukraine (from the 17th century)
070242 GR Guided Reading - The historical phenomenon "Cossacks": from the beginning to the beginning of the 19th century
070265 GR Guided Reading - Printed Books in Eastern Europe
070267 GR Guided Reading - European Dynasties (1400-2000)
070270 GR Guided Reading - Foodways of Meat. Structural Changes from the 18th to the 20th Century
070322 GR Guided Reading - State and Citizens
070359 GR Guided Reading - Oral history
070362 GR Guided Reading - Zwangsarbeit als historisches Phänomen in Europa und Asien
070236 VO Economic and Social History - Economy and Society in Europe, 1000-2000
070107 VO Global History - Globalgeschichte der Neuzeit (ca. 1500 bis zur Gegenwart)

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