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Bachelor European Ethnoloy (623 [2] - Version 2011)

080021 UE+EX B220 EX + UE Fields of Research: Islands as Spaces of Identity, Belonging and Migration: - Ethnographic Excursion to Europe's "tumultous fringes"
080024 VO-L B230 Fields of research: Contesting the Foreshores: - Migration, Border Control and Mediterranean Islands
080009 PS B310 Ethnographic Research - Einführung in Grundlagen und Arbeitsschritte
080011 SE B510: Culture and Space: Exploring the city and the country. - Investigations of the current relevance of rurality and urbanity
080131 VO+UE B620 Culture and Society: About meat. European Ethnological perspectives on food consumption - Kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf (Fleisch-)Essen
080088 VO-L B720 professional field: Service and Management for Regional Museums - im Segment der Stadt-, Stifts- und Regionalmuseen
080077 SE B810 Bachelor

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