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Alternative Group of Compulsory Modules 5A-9A: Area of Specialisation "Latin Studies" (77 ECTS)

090050 UE Latin Grammar I
090051 UE Latin Reading I - Vergil, Aeneis
090061 UE Latin Reading I - Vergil, Aeneis 6
090082 UE Latin Reading III - Juvenal, Satiren
090048 VO Area of Roman Literature (Prose) - "So many types of awful men": an informal and anecdotal introduction to character-types, personal pathology, and its remedies in Latin Literature
090072 VO Area of Latin Literature (Poetry) - Lateinische historisch-panegyrische Epik in Spätantike und Mittelalter
090066 VO Area of Ancient Greek Literature (Prose) - Thukydides und die Folgen

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