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2. Mandatory Modules (104 ECTS)

180012 VO-L History of Philosophy III - Kant and German Idealism
180015 PS [en] Reality of Experience and Experience of Reality - Metaphysics of Subjectivity
180089 SE Paradox in the Philosophy - Construct of a Humanist Philosophy for a global World
180092 SE [en] A-tom and In-dividual - Bertolt Brecht's Interference with Quantum Physics
180113 VO Lecture Series
030502 KU [en] Transformations of Constitutionalism - also for diploma and doctoral students
180073 PS The Cynic Philosophy - Origin, Development, Importance
180076 VO-L Feminist Moral Philosophy - An Introduction
180127 SE Ethics, Human Rights and Justice in Psychoanalysis - Part 2: Contemporary Psychoanalysis
180022 VO Global Justice - Einführung in die Debatten zur Globalen Gerechtigkeit
180024 SE philosophy of technology - Cyborgs, Roboter und Künstliche Intelligenz - Technikphilosophische Untersuchungen
180104 SE Roboethics
180026 SE Cultural philosophy - Kultur und Kapitalismus
180091 SE Philosophy in Latin Amerika 4 (Brasilien, Venezuela, Kolumbien) - Identity, Comparison, Interaction between Latin American and European thinking

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