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Master History (803 [2] - Version 2014)

Studienplan: http://www.univie.ac.at/mtbl02/2013_2014/2013_2014_235.pdf

ACHTUNG: Nicht alle Lehrveranstaltungen können in jedem Semester angeboten werden.

Lehrveranstaltungen des PM1 werden jeweils nur im Wintersemester angeboten.

Die Lehrveranstaltungen des PM 2 werden jeweils nur im Sommersemester angeboten.

070078 VO Introduction to In-Depth Studies - Gender Studies
070074 LK Reading course - Mittelalter / FGG / Europaforschung
070226 LK Reading course - History of Science
070238 LK Reading Course - Women's and Gender History
070258 LK Reading Course
070263 LK [en] Reading course - Digital Humanities: Theory and Concepts in the Digital Humanities
070298 LK Reading Course - Global History
070053 SE Research Seminar - Cultural History of Austria in International Context - Schule und Universität im langen 20. Jahrhundert
070116 SE Research seminar - Modern media cultures
070134 SE Research Seminar - Vienna around 1820 - Economy, society, culture and urban space
070170 SE Research Seminar - The "Digital Age"
070191 FS [es] Reseach Seminar - The Spanish Empire in Early Modern times - The First Steps of Globalization
070216 FS Research Seminar - "Passing on and Inheriting" (only together with PK 070321)
070296 SE Reseach Seminar - Triumph in der Buckligen Welt: Oral History
070017 KU [en] Project course - Working with Digital Data for Historians
070054 KU Project Course - Collecting, Questioning, Researching, Exhibiting - Private fotography in Austria, 1930 - 1950
070138 KU Project course - Sexualized violence in the early modern period - Definitions. Evidence. Consequences
070321 KU Project Course - "Passing on and Inheriting" (only together with FS 070216)
070018 KU Proposal-Workshop - Schreibtechniken für Abschlussarbeiten, Dissertationen und Projektanträge
070149 SE Seminar - Little Divergence - Unequal Economic Development Paths in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe
070153 SE [en] Seminar - History of Stalinism - Culture, Politics, Economy and Society
070154 SE [en] Seminar - Barbarians, Infidels and Noble Savages - Stereotypes and Inter-cultural Perception in the Early Modern Period and Beyond
070157 SE Seminar - Habsburg Diplomacy (1519-1815)
070235 SE Seminar - "Radical Reformation" (Anabaptists, Antitrinitarians, Spiritualists) in the Early Modern Habsburg Monarchy
070250 EX Field Trip - Taking a stroll through Vienna - Methods for analyzing spaces and images
070281 EX (PH-NÖ) Field Trip
070282 EX (PH-NÖ) Field Trip - Theresienstadt - Krakau - Auschwitz/Birkenau
070317 VO Lecture - Public History - Public History und interdisziplinäre Geschichtsvermittlung unter Berücksichtigung ausgewählter Themen
070327 VO [en] Lecture Specialisaton 2 - Walking Through Walls, Transgressing Frontiers Border Regimes and Phantom Borders in North America and Central Europe since 1848.
070310 EX Field Trip - Europa und die Osmanen 1470-1500 (gemeinsam mit der LMU München, Venice International University)
070322 EX (PH-WIEN) Field Trip - Jewish Vienna - Vom Mittelalter bis ins 21. Jahrhundert
060016 SE [de en] Modern History of Israel I: Zionism (Israel Studies) - Privatissimum Neuzeitliche Texte
070027 SE Seminar - Transnationality and Misunderstandings:1968 in Eastern and Western Europe
070098 SE Seminar - Everyday Life and Persecution - Jewish Life in Vienna, 1938-1945
070100 SE Seminar - FILM NOIR: Exile and Psychoanalysis - Hedy Lamarr from Vienna to Hollywood
070118 SE Seminar - Cultural History of Neo Noir - Crime Pays! From Chinatown to Jessica Jones
070130 SE Seminar - Global History, Agrarian Studies - (Antike - Mittelalter - Neuzeit)
070203 SE Seminar (PM4) - Jewish Cultural Spaces in the Middle Ages - Judenplatz and Im Werd: the two pre-modern Jewish communities in Vienna in comparison (1238-1421; 1624-1671)
070251 SE Seminar - Working below ground. The Schwaz Mining Codex.
070313 SE Seminar
070353 SE Seminar - Methoden der Umweltgeschichte
070377 SE Seminar zu Geschichte (PM 4) - Vorbedingungen - Auswirkungen - Nachgeschichte
010007 VO Advanced Course Church History II - Papst und Konziliengeschichte
060012 VO Golems, Dybbuks and Wonder Rabbis - Kabbala in Film - (Jüdische Kulturgeschichte in Film und Medien)
060013 VO Strong Women in Front and Behind the Camera: Empowerment in Israeli Cinema - (Jüdische Kulturgeschichte in Film und Medien)
070028 VO Lecture - 100 years of Austria - From the foundation of the republic to the present
070044 VO Course - "Theory meets Practice" - Interdisziplinäre Ringvorlesung über die Relevanz der Teildisziplinen des MA Zeitgeschichte und Medien in der Medienpraxis
070052 VO Lecture - International Relations and the Rise of Modern Diplomacy
070093 VO Lecture - History of European Integration: European Union
070284 VO Lecture - Human Rights from the beginning to present - With a special focus on Austria
070352 VO Lecture - Umweltgeschichte und Erdzukunft
070366 VO Lecture - Vienna, 1918-1938 - How the utopia of a better society gave way to a humanitatian catastrophy
090032 VO History (Byz.)
090078 VO Byzantium and the British Isles - A History of Political, Economic and Cultural Interaction (9th-16th Centuries)
150019 VO [en] Intercultural negotiation patterns - (WiSe)
240065 VO (SGU) Inequality - Questions, History, Cases
030621 KU [de en he yi] Manuscripts and Sources - Deutsch, Latein, Hebräisch, Judendeutsch und Jiddisch
070292 VU Lecture Series and Exercises - Reduction of excessive nationalism and prejudices in society - Interdisziplinäre Beiträge der Universität Wien
090110 UE [en] Migrants’ mobility and the making of the urban space in Greece - From the early 20th century until today
150087 VU [en] Law in East Asia
150098 SE [en] Strategic Gaming - North Korea
240087 VO+UE (SGU) VM5 / VM6 - Bridgehead Okinawa - A periphery`s centrality in past and present times
070088 SE Master Seminar/M.A. Seminar/Ph.D. Seminar - Schwerpunkt Fachdidaktik Geschichte, Sozialkunde und Politische Bildung
070099 SE Master Seminar - History of South Eastern and East Central Europa in the long 19th and short 20th century
070119 SE Master Seminar/M.A. Seminar/Ph.D. Seminar - Hof - Stadt - Kloster. Kulturelle Wahrnehmungen und soziale Interaktionen, 1200-1600
070147 SE Master Seminar/M.A. Seminar/Ph.D. Seminar - Master Seminar for Medieval History
070158 SE Masterseminar/DiplomandInnenseminar/DissertantInnenseminar - Masterseminar - Graduate College 1 (Global History and Global Studies)
070187 SE Masterseminar (PM 5) - Recent work and research on medieval history, women's history and in the field of Digital Humanities
070279 SE Master Seminar - East European History
070315 SE Master Seminar/M.A. Seminar/Ph.D. Seminar - Privatissimum Politische Bildung
070355 SE Master Seminar
070365 SE [de en] Masterseminar - Die Entwicklung von Spezialfächern in der Medizin und in den verwandten Wissenschaften

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