Universität Wien

2. Mandatory Modules (104 ECTS)

180133 PS Problems and Pseudo-Problems of Philosophy - Two Texts by Bertrand Russell and Rudolf Carnap
180033 VO-L [en] Language and Reality
180063 PS [en] Self and Normativity - C. Korsgaards "Self-Constitution"
180115 VO-L Evil - A fitting category of philosophical ethics respectively morals?
180119 SE Ethics, Human Rights and Justice in Psychoanalysis - Freud’s investigations into ethics
180150 VO-L What is the basis of ethical obligation - From the 'fact of reason' to the 'claim of the other
180065 SE Plato, Politeia
180122 VO Relativism in Political Philosophy - Historical and Political Debates
180001 VO Philosophy and Architecture - Ring lecture series
180047 SE Cultural Theory - Zur Politik der kulturellen Identität
180067 KU What is Time?
180046 SE Reading Chinese Philosophy - Confucian Analects; Doctrine of the Mean
180049 KU [en] Aesthetics in the Context of Indian Philosophies - The Heart as the Place of Aesthetic Receptivity

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