Universität Wien FIND

Second stage of study (120 ECTS)

010068 VO [en] Confucianism - Intercultural Philosophy
010351 VO Contemporary Philosophy - European and Latin American Philosophy in 20th Century
010067 VO Specific Pastoral Theologies - Was die Gesellschaft zusammenhält: Werte
010210 VO Introduction to spiritual theology - Foundations of spiritual life
010060 VO Advanced Course Canon Law II - The Constitution of the Church
010022 VO Advanced Course New Testament III - The Gospel of John
010012 VO Eschatology
010035 VO Ecclesiology
010086 SE [en] Music and Religion
010051 FS Research Seminar for Graduands - DiplomandInnen-, DissertantInnen- und HabilitandInnenseminar
010106 SE Despair is Our Utmost Opponent. Im Remembrance of the Israeli Writer Aharon Appelfeld (19323-2018) - Zum Gedenken an den israelischen Schriftsteller Aharon Appelfeld (1932-2018)
010070 FS Extra ecclesiam nulla salus. The development of a theological axiom - Entstehung und Gestaltwandel eines Axioms - ekklesiologische Perspektiven
010025 FS Beyond the two sexes - Inter- and transsexuality as a challenge to society and theology

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