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The University of Vienna’s buildings are open to the public again without restrictions during the applicable opening hours from 1 July 2020 onwards. Teaching at the University of Vienna will take place in the form of remote learning until the end of the semester. It is crucial that you continue to follow the hygiene rules and rules of conduct.

For further information about studies and exam operation in the summer, please go to slw.univie.ac.at/en/studying/.
The upcoming winter semester is already being planned. Students will receive further information in good time by e-mail and continuously under slw.univie.ac.at/en/studying/study-organisation/remote-learning.

Warning! The directory is not yet complete and will be amended until the beginning of the term.

B11-7. Weitere Pflichtmodule

290021 SE Bachelorseminar Human Geography: Consumption in the City - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Bachelor- und Diplomstudium)
290127 SE Bachelorseminar Human Geography: Gender and Space. Selected topics in geographical gender studies - Ausgewählte Themen der geographischen Geschlechterforschung (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Bachelor- und Diplomstudium)
290130 SE Bachelorseminar Human Geography: Selected topics in Social Geography - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Diplom- und Masterstudium)
290048 SE Bachelorseminar Spatial Research and Spatial Planning - Planning and development for the city and its region
290040 SE Bachelorseminar in Physical Geography: Current Topics in Physical Geography - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Diplom- und Masterstudium)
290271 SE Bachelorseminar Cartography and Geoinformation: Selected topics in Geoinformatics - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Masterstudium)
290039 PS Preparatory course for the scientific excursion abroad - Germany: City planning and regional development
290019 EX Scientific excursion abroad: Geohighlights of the Eastern Alps - Geomorphology - Natural Resources - Geotourism (mandatory for participants of the field trip)
290161 EX Field Trip: Changing Vienna: Geopolitical Metropolis to Smart City - Von geopolitischer Metropole zur Smart City
290121 EX Spatial Development in Eastern Tyrol between potentials and challenges - Raumentwicklung zwischen Möglichkeiten und Grenzen
290177 EX Field Trip: Cartography and GIS - GIS und Kartographie bei Behörden, wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen und Wirtschaft in Österreich
290099 EX Physiogeographical Field Trip: Mountain Torrents in Vienna - Naturgewalt gebändigt im Stadtgebiet

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