Universit├Ąt Wien FIND

M-04 Specialisation (30 ECTS)

120226 SE [en] MA Seminar - Focus: Functional and Cognitive Linguistics / Linguistics Seminar - Introduction to Functional Discourse Grammar
120228 SE [en] MA Seminar - Focus: Applied Linguistics / Linguistics Seminar - Understanding English as a lingua franca and its pedagogic implications
122250 AR [en] Advanced Course in Linguistics - British Isles Englishes: World Englishes or Language Worlds?
122251 AR [en] Advanced Course in Linguistics - Applied Data Science for Linguists
128141 FS [en] FS Research Seminar I - Grammaticalization and Lexicalization in the English Noun Phrase
160165 PS [en] PS Advanced Topics in Linguistics II - Language Origins: Evolution, Genetics, and the Brain

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