Universität Wien

Master Global History and Global Studies (805 [2] - Version 2008)

Gilt auch für das Magisterstudium Globalgeschichte.

070340 KU [en] Free and Unfree Labour
030524 SE [en] Colonial International Law - For diploma and doctoral students
240068 KU [de en] GM3 - Development Theories and Paradigms from a Transdisciplinary Perspective - Questioning global knowledge(s) and ‘World Society’
140147 VO Research on India and the reception of Indian culture in Austria - selected personalities from the 18th century until today
140255 KU [de en] 20th-Century Perspectives on Town Planning and Infrastructure in Africa - within the Colonial/Metropolitan Divide
140385 VO Spheres of Politics and Everyday Experience in Southern Africa: - Moving across the 19th and 20th Centuries
240126 SE (NR) VM1 / VM6 - Global social inequality in context of climate change - and urban sustanability policies
070305 VO [de en] Lecture - The Holocaust in the USSR - Sources, Historiography and Culture of Remembrance
070319 SE Seminar - "Civilization": Concepts and Debates - Enlightenment - Imperialism - Spengler - Present Time
150224 VO [en] Intercultural Negotiation Patterns - (SoSe)
240047 VO EC - TEFA Transdisziplinary Development Research - Problemformulierung, Problembearbeitung, Umsetzung
240057 VO (NR) Commodities and Development: Current Issues and Historical Context - International Division of Labour and unequal Development
240080 SE [en] (SGU) VM1 / VM2 - International Environment and Economic Development - Globalization and its implications, financial crises, trade liberalization, migration, foreign aid
240088 SE (SGU) VM5 / VM7 - Dubious entanglements and libratory strategies - women’s movements and global inequality
240089 VO+UE (SGU) VM5 / VM6 - A New Scramble? - World War Two in global historical perspective
240090 SE [en] (SGU) VM5 / VM2 - 'Eating People is Wrong' - On the Nature and Causes of Famines in the 19th and 20th Centuries.
240125 VO (SGU) VM3 /VM7 - Gender (as) Governace and Structure - of New Economy directed Global Social Stratification
030524 SE [en] Colonial International Law - For diploma and doctoral students
070258 EX (PH-NÖ) Field Trip - Berlin
070282 EX (PH-NÖ) Field Trip - Theresienstadt - Krakau - Auschwitz/Birkenau
070322 EX (PH-WIEN) Field Trip - Jewish Vienna - Vom Mittelalter bis ins 21. Jahrhundert
070279 SE Master Seminar - East European History

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