Universität Wien

Bachelor Teacher training programme: History, Social Studies and Political Education (193 050, 198 411)

070007 VO Modern History
070258 EX (PH-NÖ) Field Trip - Berlin
070282 EX (PH-NÖ) Field Trip - Theresienstadt - Krakau - Auschwitz/Birkenau
070322 EX (PH-WIEN) Field Trip - Jewish Vienna - Vom Mittelalter bis ins 21. Jahrhundert
070013 GR Guided Reading - Film in Austria. A History of Cinema and Television - (from the fall of the Habsburg monarchy to the present)
070016 GR Guided Reading - History from below? - Supplications and petitions as historical sources
070041 GR [en] Guided Reading - Medieval European History - Sources ca. 200 - ca. 1500
070044 GR Guided Reading - Intersections and controversies - Exploring Religion and Politics in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages
070059 GR Guided Reading
070070 GR Guided Reading - The cult of saints and community - the afterlife of saints in the Middle Ages
070085 GR Guided Reading - Alexander von Humboldt - Views from the perspectives of global, political and science studies
070113 GR Guided Reading - Anti-semitism or anti-semitisms? - Anti-judaic discourses through the centuries
070145 GR Guided Reading - Politics, Spaces & Stages - Public Celebrations in Austria in a European Perspective (ca. 800 ca. 1800)
070178 GR Guided Reading
070183 GR Guided Reading - The Thirty Years War in Self Testimonies - War and Violence from the Perspective of Contemporary Witnesses
070205 GR Guided Reading
070220 GR Guided Reading - Der Umbruch von 1989 und die Geschichte der Transformation
070242 GR Guided Reading - The Cossacks and the Russian Empire - Von der Entstehung bis zum Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts
070265 GR Guided Reading - The Crown - Vom Kopfschmuck zur Stellvertreterin der Herrschaft
070333 GR Guided Reading - Us and Them: Communities and their Outsiders in the Middle Ages - Gemeinschaftsvorstellungen und Fremddarstellungen im Mittelalter
070107 VO Global History
070236 VO Economic and Social History - Economy and Society in Europe, 1000-2000
070023 PS [de en] BA-Proseminar - Political Rights in Modern History - Politische Partizipationsrechte in der neueren Geschichte
070163 PS BA-Proseminar - Catholic Women's Societies in Austria in the 19. and 20. century - Katholische Frauenvereine in Österreich im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert
070198 PS Proseminar
070219 PS Proseminar
070244 PS BA-Proseminar - Social and Cultural History of the Viennese Waltz - Sozial- und Kulturgeschichte des Wiener Walzers
070245 PS BA-Proseminar - Dissolution of the Habsburg Monarchy - and the New States in Central and South Eastern Europe after the World War I
070303 PS BA-Proseminar - Der "Europäische Jugendverband", Wien 1942
070338 PS (PH-WIEN) BA-Proseminar - Bilder, Karten und Textquellen zur europäischen Expansion
070369 PS PS Proseminar
090014 PS (STEOP) STEOP: Introductory Seminar in Ancient History - Transformation der späten Republik
070003 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Kriege und Konflikte in der österreichischen Geschichte
070156 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Nationalsozialismus in Wien und erinnerungspolitische Interventionen nach 1945
070160 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Types of war. Defining different kinds of warfare.
070223 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Sozial- und Alltagsgeschichte der Frühen Neuzeit (1500-1800)
070271 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Zwangsmigration, Flucht, Entschädigung. Folgen totalitärer Herrschaft
070030 KU Reading Historiography - European historical writing in political and intelectual-historical contexts
070032 KU Reading Historiography - Historiography and Topicality. ‚New’ Approaches in Historiography and Mediation of History
070055 KU Reading Historiography - Society, Politics, and Culture between Revolution and the Great War: the Habsburg Monarchy 1848-1918
070123 KU Reading Historiography - Writings of Contemporary History from Antiquity until Today
070162 KU Reading Historiography - History of Central Asia
070164 KU Reading Historiography - Political Systems and Parties in Eastern, Central, and Western Europe
070177 KU Reading Historiography - How to write history - paradigms, operations and development of the historiography in the european culture area
070259 KU Reading Historiography - From Augustine to the chronicles of the High Middle Ages as well as hagiography in a historical context
090086 KU Archeology in archives: The history of classical archeology and archaeological research in Vienna - Zur Geschichte der Klassischen Archäologie und der archäologischen Forschung in Wien
070043 SE BA-Seminar - Enlightenment and Digital Humanities - Vienna as a Metropolis of Science and Scholarship during the Long Eighteenth Century
070274 SE BA-Seminar - Agriculture in the Medieval and Modern World (Europe, Islam) - Europa, Islam, 8. bis 16. Jahrhundert
070276 SE (KPH) BA-Seminar
070277 SE (PH-WIEN) BA Seminar
070342 SE BA-Seminar - Nation states and minorities in South-Eastern Europe. 19th and 20th Centuries

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