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B2 Applied Economics (16 ECTS)

040035 UK [en] Strategy and Information (MA) - Non-Cooperative Game Theory with Applications; Track in Competition and Regulation
040036 UK [en] Development Economics (MA) - Track in Policy Evaluation
040107 UK [en] Economic Growth (MA) - Track in Macroeconomic Policy
040110 UK [en] Macroeconomics and Inequality (MA) - Track in Macroeconomic Policy
040112 UK [en] Topics in Behavioral and Experimental Economics (MA) - Track in Behavioral Economics and Experiments
040120 SE [en] Topics in data-driven decision making (MA) - Track in Data Analysis und Track in Behavioral Economics and Experiments and Policy Evaluation
040247 UK [en] International Trade (MA) - Track in Macroeconomic Policy
040297 UK [en] Political Economy (MA) - Track in Policy Evaluation

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