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Alternative Compulsory Module Group: Microbiology and Genetics (120 ECTS)

301284 VO Biochemistry
301172 SE [de en] Seminar to Laboratory Course III A - for the specialization Microbiology/Genetics
301171 UE [de en] Course III A - Laboratory Work in Molecular Biology - for the specialization Microbiology/Genetics
301370 VU [de en] Physical Chemistry - Physical Chemistry for Molecular Biologists
301288 UE Molecular Biophysics - Practical Applications
300024 VO Concepts in Ecology - Concepts in Ecology
300060 VO Funerary Archaeology in Austria - Concepts, Digital Methods, and the Archaeological Record
300115 UE DNA Barcoding - A new approach to species identification in ecology and biodiversity research
300227 VO Primatology
300248 VO Cell Biology of Plants - Structure and Function of the Plant Cell
300286 UE Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) - Identification of uncultured microorganisms
300385 VO Human Anatomy - Osteology and Arthrology - Einführung in die Anatomie des Menschen
300426 VO Introduction into Human Ecology - Introduction into Human Ecology
300496 VO Marine Science
301212 VO Plant Molecular Biology I - Genetics and cellorganisation
301705 VO Plant Molecular Biology III - Energy and Metabolism
301552 PP [de en] Advanced course in microbiology and genetics - molecular biology

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