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Teaching at the University of Vienna will take place in the form of remote learning until the end of the semester. Exams basically take place digitally as well. Further information about remote learning

From the end of May onwards, individual exams that cannot be held online will be taking place within the framework of limited exam operation on site at exam centres. You consent to the changed mode of assessment when registering for the exam/course. All information about the exams at the exam centres

VM7 Gender-specific Aspects of Development Research (15 ECTS)

240064 VO (BDG) Education and International Development - Globale Konvergenzen & Divergenzen in der Bildungswelt
240125 VO (SGU) VM3 /VM7 - Race, Class, Gender, and Intersectionality: Feminist Theorizing on Global Inequality - Race, Class, Gender, Intersektionalität: Feministische Theorieansätze globaler sozialer Ungleichheit
240103 VO+UE (BDG) VM7 / VM8 - Framing 'Gender' in international development cooperation and humanitarian aid - in der internationalen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und Humanitären Hilfe
240056 SE VM4 / VM7 - Recent feminist, queer, post- and decolonial debates - in international development research
240097 SE (SGU) VM1 / VM7 - Keys to empowerment - The fight for gender equality and women's rights from a comparative perspective
240109 VO VM7 - One out of Five - Interdisciplinary lecture series focusing on Violence on Women and Children

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