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SAG A Intermediate Module: Topics and Approaches (30 ECTS)

140086 VO Kenya, Karen Blixen, and Colonialism: - Perspectives from Scandinavian and African Studies
140132 VO Biographies, Memory and Personal Reflection: - Narratives about individual and group-specific "lives" - samples and secondary literature
140218 VO At the Crossroads of the Continents: - The Early History of Ethiopia and the Kingdom of Aksum
140359 SE Voices of colonial discourse in libraries. - A critical reflection of Africa representations in scientific collections
240060 SE VM4 / VM5 - Narratives of education in African intellectual thought - Between normativity and resistance
240062 VO+UE (SGU) VM4 / VM3 - Rassism and antirassism in development - A critical Analysis

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