Universität Wien

Block of Elective Modules Behavior, Neurobiology and Cognition (35 ECTS)

MVN W-1 Behavioural Physiology (10 ECTS)

300188 UE Practical course in Behavioural Biology, Gruenau - (social mechanisms) at the Konrad Lorenz Forschungsstelle in Gruenau

MVN W-2 Behavioural Endocrinology (5 ECTS)

MVN W-3 Reproduction and Biological Rhythms (5 ECTS)

MVN W-4 Sound Communication in Animals (10 ECTS)

MVN W-5 Animal Communication (5 ECTS)

300231 VO Behavioural biology of aquatic vertebrates - fishes and whales

MVN W-6 Social Mechanisms (5 ECTS)

MVN W-7 Human Animal Relationship (5 ECTS)

300053 SE Current topics in human-animal relationships - Discussion of new scientific results. Seminar with lecture human-animal relations
300557 VO Human-Animal Interactions (Anthrozoology) - evolutionary functions and mechanisms, animals as social partners, species management

MVN W-8 Neurobiology for Advanced Students (10 ECTS)

MVN W-9 Neuroanatomy (10 ECTS)

MVN W-10 Actual Research Topics in Neurobiology (5 ECTS)

MVN W-11 Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology (5 ECTS)

300280 SE [ de en ] Principles of Brain Evolution

MVN W-12 Cognition for Advanced Students (10 ECTS)

MVN W-13 Cognition Methods (10 ECTS)

300656 UE Practical course in animal cognition - Introduction into the methods of learning experiments with animals

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