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Alternative compulsory modul Specialization in current research topics A (10 ECTS)

260006 VO [en] Practical optics for physicists - Practical design of laboratory setups - lenses, instruments and detectors
260024 VU [en] Quantum gravity
260041 SE [en] Quantum non-locality
260049 VO [en] Relativity III
260054 SE [de en] Seminar - low dimensional solids - synthesis, characterization and device applications
260063 VU [en] Entanglement theory
260079 LP [de en] Laboratory course - low dimensional solids - synthesis, characterization and device applications
260119 VU [en] Electron and ion irradiation effects on materials - synthesis, characterization and device applications
260247 SE Seminar on a Scientific Topic - Quantum information, entanglement and geometry
260290 VO Special Relativity 2 (Representation Theory of Lorentz- and Poincaré Group) - The realization of relativistic symmetry in classical and quantum particle and field physics
260358 SE [en] Quantum Optomechanics
442607 SE [en] Seminar in low dimensional quantum solids - Seminar on new results on the properties of low dimensional quantum solids such as fullerenes, nanotubes and graphene, high temperature superconductors and optoelectronic materials as well as implications on their application potential
442609 SE [en] Quantum Foundations - (Journal Club)
442625 SE [en] Quantum Coherence
442642 VU [en] (VDS-PH) Superstring Theory and Interactions
442650 SE [en] Modern topics in quantum information - (Journal Club)

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