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Bachelor Psychology (640 [1] - Version 2010) - discontinued

Diese Lehrveranstaltungen sind exklusiv für Psychologiestudierende!

STEOP: Pflichtmodulgruppe A

Compulsory Module Group A - INOP A1

200003 VO ( OV STEOP ) Introduction to Applied Psychology - STEOP
200004 VO ( STEOP ) Introduction to Scientific Thinking - STEOP

Compulsory Module Group A - INOP A2

Compulsory Module Group C - Core Subject I

C1. Cognition and Emotional Psychology

C2. Biological Psychology

C3. Proseminar of Cognitive and Biological Principles of Experience and Behaviour

200023 PS [ en ] Introductory Seminar Biological Basis of Experience and Behaviour - Humanbiologie für Psychologen

Compulsory Module Group D - Core Subject II Aspects of Experience and Behaviour from a Social, Developmental and Differential Psychological Point of View

D1. Social Psychology

D2. Developmental Psychology

D3. Personality and Differential Psychology

D4. Proseminar for C1, C2, C3

200031 PS Introductory Seminar Developmental Psychology - Jugend und Emerging Adulthood
200032 PS Introductory Seminar Developmental Psychology - Entwicklungsrisiken und -abweichungen
200033 PS Introductory Seminar Differential Psychology - Ausgewählte Aspekte der Persönlichkeitsforschung unter spezieller Berücksichtigung des Gesundheitsverhaltens
200034 PS Introductory Seminar Differential Psychology - Kernthemen der Intelligenzforschung

D4. Proseminar for C1, C2, C3

Compulsory Module Group E - Methodological and Diagnostic Principles

E1. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Psychology

E2. Theory and Methods in Psychological Measurement and Observation

E3. Theory and Techniques in Psychological Diagnosis

Compulsory Module Group F - Fields of Application

F1. Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology

F2. Educational Psychology and Evaluation

F3. Work, Organisational and Economic Psychology

Compulsory Module Group G - Vocational Preparation

G1. Practical Skills

G2. Practical Skills of Diagnosis

Compulsory Module Group H - Bachelor Thesis

H1. Research

H2. Bachelor Thesis

200074 SE [ de en ] Scientific Readings
200221 SE [ en ] Scientific Readings

H2. Bachelor Thesis

200078 SE [ en ] Bachelor thesis
200079 SE [ en ] Bachelor thesis
200080 SE Bachelor thesis
200081 SE Bachelor thesis
200082 SE Bachelor thesis
200083 SE Bachelor thesis
200084 SE Bachelor thesis


200213 SE Identity and Belonging - Psychoanalyse und Kritische Theorie: Perspektiven psychoanalytischer Ideologie- und Machtkritik
200217 PS Exclusive Tutorial - Anwendungsfehler in Statistik, Psychometrie und Diagnostik
200219 VO History of Psychology - From soul to mind to brain
240097 VO VM7 - One out of Five - Interdisciplinary lecture series focusing on Violence on Women and Children

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