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C1 Specialisation International Business (24 ECTS)

040200 KU [ru] (REMOTE) Basic Russian 2
040215 UK [it] (REMOTE) Basic Italian 2
040402 UK [es] (REMOTE) Basic Spanish 2
040407 UK [fr] (REMOTE) Basic French 2
040172 KU [zh] (ON-SITE) Modern Chinese 1b - für WiWi Studierende
040005 UK (REMOTE) Decision Theory
040009 FK [en] (REMOTE) International Negotiations (BA)
040050 UK [en] (REMOTE) Group Accounting
040101 UK (REMOTE) Empirical Social Research
040107 UK (REMOTE) Law of Corporate Groups
040109 UK (REMOTE) Linear Models 2
040117 VK [de en] (REMOTE) eBusiness and eServices
040127 UK (MIXED) Game Theory
040154 VK [en] (REMOTE) eBusiness and Service Science
040277 VO [en] (REMOTE) Strategy
040278 UK [en] (REMOTE) Small Business Economics (BA)
040588 UK (REMOTE) International Tax Planning

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