Universität Wien

1st Stage of the Degree Programme

010018 PS (REMOTE) Exegetical methods
010005 VU (REMOTE) Biblical Hebrew II
010290 VO (REMOTE) Modern Philosophy - Philosophies of Rationalism
010059 VO (REMOTE) Basic Course Old Testament 1
010022 VO (REMOTE) Advanced Course New Testament III - The Gospel of John
010058 VO (REMOTE) Basic Course Canon Law II - Theological foundation of Canon Law, General Norms, Law on the Teaching Office of the Church, introduction into the CCEO
010024 VO (REMOTE) Ecclesiology
010060 VO (REMOTE) Advanced Course Canon Law II - The Constitution of the Church
010016 SE (REMOTE) Seminar in Preaching
010032 SE (REMOTE) Clinical Rounds
010038 SE (REMOTE) The Historical Jesus - the Christ of Our Faith? - A Discussion between New Testament Exegesis and Catholic Dogmatics
010078 SE (REMOTE) Spiritual abuse and Gender - Gender-related Reflections on Religious Seduction, Violence and Prevention
010097 SE (REMOTE) Did Christianity shape law in Europe? - A Walk through the History and Sources of Canon law
010115 SE [en] (REMOTE) The Mother of God in the Patristic and Byzantine Tradition - Theology and Spirituality of the Eastern Church Fathers
EXAM REMOTEON-SITE New Testament Greek
010023 VU (ON-SITE) New Testament Greek II - Sommer- Intensivkurs
010036 VO+UE (REMOTE) New Testament Greek III
010055 VO+UE (ON-SITE) New Testament Greek III - Sommer- Intensivkurs
010083 VU (REMOTE) New Testament Greek II
010140 VU (ON-SITE) New Testament Greek I - Sommer- Intensivkurs
010091 VO (REMOTE) Introducing Hindu Religions
010093 VO (REMOTE) Introducing Buddhism
210160 VO [en] (REMOTE) Mixed Methods: Alternating subjects - /engl.)
210161 UE (REMOTE) Subject area Making and implementing policy - Technologies in health and medicine
300064 SE Current topics in philosophy, theology and biology - Interdisciplinary discussions of current topics in Philosophy, Theology and Biology

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