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South Asian, Tibetology and Buddhist Studies

Verpflichtende Registrierung zu npi LVen (=nichtprüfungsimmanenten Lehrveranstaltungen) per U:SPACE. Damit erfolgt die automatische Anmeldung zu Moodle. Die Registrierung der Vorlesungen gilt nicht als gleichzeitige Anmeldung zu den Prüfungsterminen.

142160 UE [en] Hevajratantra, Part 2
142120 SAK [de hi] Introduction to Hindi II
142133 UE [en ne] Nepali Conversation
142120 SAK [de hi] Introduction to Hindi II
010096 SE (REMOTE) Hinduism and Esotericism
142300 UE [en hi] Hindi Language in Politics
142540 SE [en] Udayana, founding father of Navya Nyaya, as a commentator - Selected topics from the Nyayavarttikatatparyaparisuddhi and Kiranavali
142162 UE [en] Yoga in the tantric traditions - yogic physiology and regulation of breath across doctrinal and geographical boundaries
142164 UE [bo en] Advanced Modern Tibetan I
142166 UE [bo en] Advanced Modern Tibetan II
142120 SAK [de hi] Introduction to Hindi II

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